@Dannymcfly: When I start to peel a banana, I think, mmmm I don’t really fancy this, but I just had the best banana I’ve ever had!! What a nice surprise


Yeah, he’s seducing you.

@dougiemcfly: If my first born doesn’t have wings I will be disappointed

"Light speed, out of my mind. I’m hurt but I’ll be fine. Put you fist in the air, raise your voice and declare, singing “We don’t care!”“

Another year over
And we’re still together
It’s not always easy,
But McFLY’s here forever


Make me choose

↳ poyntter asked: Danny Jones or Louis Tomlinson

"I was always afraid of Santa Claus. But over time, my greatest fear is losing Tom, Harry and Dougie. They are everything!" - Danny Jones

idougahole: “Matt 😤”

idougahole: “Matt 😤”

love is on the radio - mcfly (dougie poynter)